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I keep my heart like the triforce of courage. If I keep it split up and scattered across the great sea, evil can never possess it and take over the world.

I protect my heart like the triforce.

Get back Gannon.



  • The names of Characters featured in The Hobbit

I have added each character’s name, followed by Andy Orchard’s translation, then Varg Vikernes’ translation…Please note that the name Balin isn’t mentioned in Voluspa. It is possible Tolkien could have invented this name himself 🙂 See below, for further information about the sources, the translations, and the meaning of what a dwarf is!

  13. BALIN= Not featured in Voluspa
  14. DWALIN= The dormant one / One slumbering (alternatives sources found)

Illustration of the dwarves

  • Where do the names come from? 

The first Hobbit film has been released, and it got me thinking about the…

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I'm Done.

Nope. Living at home. Never again.

This is my favorite thing.

Thought Catalog

Look, guys, I don’t blame you for not always knowing about vaginas. They’re complicated. Beautiful, but complicated. I would have directed this to everybody but as I have seen in my own experiences with lesbian sex, people who own one tend to know how to handle one. And so, I present to you, a user’s manual for the vagina if you are not in possession of one:

1. It does not want to be poked or prodded.

This isn’t like an arcade game. You don’t hit it enough times and then, whoop! You’ve won! There’s the orgasm! It needs some tender, passionate loving. It needs to be caressed in the right places, with steady speed and pressure.

2. Tongue, people. Tongue.

If you ask a girl what she wants and she’s like, oh, I don’t care, allow me to translate this for you: to stick your tongue all up in…

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Lay your head back

Close your eyes

Just say yes.

And it’ll be over soon.

Now, my question is this: if that is what you’ve always done, what does it mean for your soul?

What does sex mean to me anyways? I can say the words “making love” and “I feel so close to you right now” or even “I love you”

But I am now questioning if I have ever really meant or even felt any of these things.

Promiscuity. Easily achieved when you’re a small, fit, attractive female. A cycle easy to fall into. But when that is all you have ever known, where does the line get drawn in a relationship? What kind of impermeable wall does this habit construct around the quiet and sensitive heart?

Does my history with the word ‘yes’ tarnish the actual consent I give? Is it even consent if I have never chosen not to?

At what point does one step back and realize that ‘no’ is actually an option…?

If you always say yes, you never have to say no.

When do you wake up and see where you are, who you’re with, and how serious it really is in your brain and heart (if it’s there at all) ?

How many times am I going to demand these queries of myself before I finally discover–or admit–the answer?

I have always felt obliged to stick by the choices I make. Usually against better judgement or concern, I stand and say “I made this choice, of COURSE it’s what I want” before stopping to think that maybe, just maybe, this isn’t what I intended. I never think to demand of my world what I want. I just take what comes to me and decided that must be my heart’s desire.

A sign outside a car dealership in town reads this week “If you never change your mind, why have one.”

I have forgotten my birth right to change my damn mind. I will remain accountable for choices I make, but who says I have to stick with the outcome? Could I not, just as easily, see that this thing is not what I thought it was, or that I imagined it differently, or that I am simply projecting my dreams onto others?

At what point is it acceptable for me to walk away? How much is too much? Where is the line between giving up and knowing what’s best for you?

How long do I have to dissent with myself before I can walk away from something that maybe I have known all along is not good for me?

Who is going to answer all these questions for me??

Who decides when I get to walk away?

If you loved somebody, but you didn’t think it was a life-time kind of love, would you still go on loving them, even though you know it’s going to end?

The Doctor faced that same question, and he went ahead and loved her anyways! But he’s also a thousand years old. And a timelord. 

Beside the point.

At what point does blind love trade the rose colored sunglasses in for reality? When does it all change? And is it bad to see the light before you even get the rose tinted glasses on? What does that even mean?!

If you know you are like the wind, and blow away at a moments notice… should you even try to stay?

Right now, I believe I am in love. Some strong, real kind of love.


That being said, I am terrified.

What if this is it? What if? What if it isn’t?


And what if it is, but later down the road, I meet that straight dancer guy?


Does it matter?


I have no idea.

Regular sleeping schedule
Forward facing phone camera
My boyfriend to be home from deployment
Gum that never loses its flavor
A gym with tons of windows and no people
Endless gonga
My education to be free
Cancer-less cigarettes
A pet friendly loft in the city
Laser hair removal on my lip, legs, and armpits
Brazilian wax
Nail job
Warmer weather
Time to reflect and motivate

That’s all.

Love and feathers

Goblet of Fire drinking game

Created at York University (The real Hogwarts) [[[ & 100% FB steal by me ;D ]]]

The main difference is that in this game you have houses based on the book (gryffindor, slytherin etc.)

To pick your house you pick a random card at the beginning and;
…-hearts= gryffindor 
-spades= slytherin 
-clubs= hufflepuff 
-diamond= ravenclaw

These are what the different cards do:

2: The Dobby/ House Elf Card- Everyone in your house has to swap one item of clothing with someone from another house for the rest of the game. Anyone who refuses does three fingers. Anyone who receives an item of clothing has to do two fingers. 

3: Veritaserum- You become High Inquisitor and make everyone not in your house take a gulp. You then ask a “Never Have I Ever” question. They drink again if they have done it. Umbridge would be proud.

4: Felix Felicis- You can keep this card for as long as you want. When you use it you take a gulp and then nullify any card against your house and turn it against another person in another house. You lucky son of a gun…

5: Unbreakable Vow- You form the unbreakable vow with someone in your house meaning whenever they drink, you drink and vice versa. The handshake must be acted out before every drink and all who break it face unspeakable horror!

6: Chocolate Frog card- Basically “Think while you drink” but with Harry Potter names. Eg. “Cornelius Fudge, Fred Weasley, Winky the House Elf etc…” You’ll feel embarrassed at first by how hard this can be! Separates the wizards from the muggles.

7: Expelliarmus- Wands are in the middle of the table before the game and when this card is picked the last person to grab a wand and shout expelliarmus drinks. Note that wands flying out of hands after disarmament can be dangerous.

8: Room of Requirement- You and anyone in your house can leave the room to go to the toilet or kitchen etc. Hope that you aren’t in a house which ends up getting none otherwise you can’t leave the room at all 🙂

9: Quidditch- A sponge ball (or anything soft is placed in the middle of the table) as the Bludger. When this card is picked you get the bludger and can choose to throw it at someone from another house at any point. If they don’t catch it they drink, if they do you drink. 

10: Penseive- Copies the last card that was picked (like it’s a memory.. nifty eh). 

Jack: Sorting Hat Card- everyone in the corresponding house drinks (Jack of Clubs= all hufflepuff drink). If possible a talking hat can sing a clever, relevant rhyming song to accompany the occasion. If possible.

Queen: Bellatrix card- You become Bellatrix. You gain the ability to cast three Crucio spells at any time you choose until the next Queen is picked. The Crucio’s must be cast on different people and each one means the person must do two fingers. If you’re really cool you can even fashion a special Bellatrix wand to mark her out! Don’t get too drunk on power though, you’ve got the alcohol for that.

King: Various Harry Potter beverages- You must down a shot of a well-known Harry Potter drink eg. Butterbeer, Firewhiskey, Gillywater, Pumpkin juice. There are some awesome recipes online (melted Werthers originals, golden syrup, milk and butterscotch schanpps!) but if you’re lazy you can just pretend and use Vodka/Sambuca to similar effects.

Ace: Voldemort- You become Voldemort and must now be referred to as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named or You-Know-Who. If anyone calls you by your name they must do one finger. “Only I can drink… forever”

Joker (optional): Goblet of Fire- A premade dirty pint is prepared involving the use of spicier drinks. One joker is in the pack and whoever gets it must down the dirty pint. If you are truly skilled you can turn the Goblet of Fire into a portkey 🙂
The above game has some quite complex rules but once you have mastered the witchcraft and wizardry here are some extra rules you can try:

1. Whenever someone does something you can relate to a word rhyming with Dumbledore, they must do a finger. Eg. If someone talks too quietly, shout MUMBLEDORE! at them. If someone is moaning about drinking shout GRUMBLEDORE! at them. Other variations include Fumbledore, Tumbledore, Stumbledore etc.

2. Gryffindor’s can’t talk to Slytherin. If this occurs both people must do one finger.

3. The name Voldemort is banned and any who utter his name must repent by downing their drink. It is quite funny how many people forget this rule and how easy it can be to trick them into saying the Dark Lords name!

So smoking cigarettes is really bad for you. Gives you cancer, and is widely believed to cause bad breath, yellow teeth, and smellyness. So it’s a damn good thing that 90% of the male population thinks it’s “a shame to see a beautiful girl smoking.” Maybe now I’ll finally get left the fuck alone.