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If you loved somebody, but you didn’t think it was a life-time kind of love, would you still go on loving them, even though you know it’s going to end?

The Doctor faced that same question, and he went ahead and loved her anyways! But he’s also a thousand years old. And a timelord. 

Beside the point.

At what point does blind love trade the rose colored sunglasses in for reality? When does it all change? And is it bad to see the light before you even get the rose tinted glasses on? What does that even mean?!

If you know you are like the wind, and blow away at a moments notice… should you even try to stay?


Right now, I believe I am in love. Some strong, real kind of love.


That being said, I am terrified.

What if this is it? What if? What if it isn’t?


And what if it is, but later down the road, I meet that straight dancer guy?


Does it matter?


I have no idea.