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My favorite thing, after food, dancing, singing, and books, is the internet.

I fucking love the internet.


SO when there is some sort of something keeping me away from not only my favorite things on my favorite thing, I tend to get very Very upset and irrational with everything (not just the internet blockade).


Thus, please disregard the blue streak flowing out of my dorm room.


Fuck you, shitty dorm wireless. I want to break up.


A lot of people at home and here at college ask me “Wow, a long distance relationship- why would you try to make that work?? Isn’t it too hard??” 

To you I say… If you found a diamond in the woods, would you leave it there, simply because you were leaving the woods? No, you’d take that shit with you and show it off. Look what I found. nanananabooboo.


If anything, putting the distance into our relationship has made us worlds stronger. It highlighted the things we have trouble with and exemplified what we’re already doing right. I think in the long run it’s probably the best thing that could’ve happened to us. And I’m not being falsely optimistic here, I truly believe that.

I guess it’s hard for a lot of people to believe because they’ve never loved someone this much. The people that have, however, always afford me a gentle smile and a warm hug- they know how hard it is. But the beauty is it is so worth it.

All the people I’ve met, the plentiful compliments (and comments), all the people that hit on me (not being narcissistic here, it’s a fact), no one has yet distracted me. A fact I am prettyy darn proud of. For before this year, I had no faith in myself Whatsoever. Didn’t even trust myself in the same room as an attractive guy. But, oh, look at me now!!! 


I didn’t mean this post to run so long, but there it is. I am hurting, but I am much happier than sad. Dancing is my life, it has opened all these introspective doors I keep posting about.

It is truly amazing.