Hey there Delilah, what’s it like in NYC? You’re 1000 miles away, but girl tonight you look so pretty..yes you do. Times square can’t shine as bright as you. I Swear it’s true. Hey there Delilah, you be good and don’t you miss me. Two more years and you’ll be done with school and I’ll be making history like I do. You know, it’s all because of you. We can do whatever we want to. Hey there Delilah, here’s to you. This one’s for you. Hey there Delilah, don’t you worry about the distance. I’m right here if you get lonely- give this song another listen. Close your eyes… Listen to my voice, it’s my disguise… I’m by your side. Hey there Delilah, I know times are getting, but just believe me girl someday I’ll pay the bills with this guitar- we’ll have it good. We’ll have the life we knew we would. Hey there Delilah, I’ve got so much left to say, if every simple song I wrote to you would take your breath away, I’d write it all… Even more in love with me you’ll fall. We’d have it all.

Our lives are defined by the choices we make- and mostly by moments of impact. Moments that alter reality, thinking, even who you are. In those moments… You make choices. And the choices define the moments. Round and round, they make each other, and make you.

You will never be able to predict what your future holds for you. You can only live in every moment you are granted. Granted by whatever Greater Being you believe in. And in each of these moments can hold opportunity. Impact.

Take a circumstance. You have selflessly lived and loved for someone for months. An opportunity arises for one part of this whole. And a choice must be made.

There are many kinds of love. And many ways and forms and stages of loving. At many points it changes, morphes, forms, lives, and dies. Thrives or withers away. And that depends solely on who you are. And who your love is. And how your choices are changing you.

Now the question I’ve been stuck on is this: if who we are is defined by the choices we make, what defines those choices? To what extent do we control our lives and minds and heart? If our choices define who we are… Do we then control our minds and even fate? If we control our choices, do we change who we are as we please? To what extent? And do we even have the ability? Can we really change ourselves? Or are we fighting an undeniable instinct?

I am stuck.

I have been presented with a choice: to leave that which I love and cherish with the hope of an even brighter and warmer tomorrow? Or do I continue down my path, clutching to that which I am used to, regardless of pain or consequence?