In one of favorite video games, the narrator interjects every time your character is about to die. The screen goes foggy and he says “No, no, that’s not how it happened. Let me begin again.”

How great would it be if, in life, after time and choices have proved you wrong or naive, you could say “No, no. Let me begin again.”

I skipped dance tonight for the first time on the gtpunds of feeling like total caca. I never miss. And my dad picked me up and informed me that he and my mom spent the entire evening looking over finances and that there is no possible way they can scrape together the money to send to me to UNCG. They may not even have the money to get through college in state. With all of my scholarships. (Btw I got into UNCG and up until this evening had my heart set on going there instead of Kansas).

So I feel totally lost. And to tie in the “Let me begin again,” there are probably Hundreds of things I would’ve not done or not asked for had I known it would come down to this in thd end.

Hindsight’s 20/20 though, and there’s nothing I can do but cry and pray and hope.

Send some luck my way,
Ebony Feather