As I’m sure everyone has noticed, the weather is finally settling into the warm patterns of early summer. And for me, that is pure joy. It means the end of SADD, the end of the school year (and that means the whole shebang this year), and the end of being stuck inside WITHOUT THE SUN.  For me, the lack of sunshine is very stressful. I feed om vitamin, quite like superman. Not kidding. If you’ve seen Wall-e, there’s a scene where he slugs out of his little shack, drags himself onto the roof and manages to unfold his solar panel. This is how I feeling at the beginning of the season. Amazing. Recharged.


An unmarkable glow, like that lit by the setting sun on a hot summer night, fills my head, heart, and soul.


The ebb and flow of life just doesn’t seem so bad in the summer. The waves are… relaxing in the summer, instead of capsizing, like they are in winter.


food for thought