Let me explain. I forgot to tell you some stuff!

I GOT THE PART. Of Belle. In the high school production.. I am fucking excited. The only downside is that we double-cast most of the female parts. And I get to share my role with- not my close friend- the fat bitch that hates me because I’m skinny and a good dancer. Awesome, right?
But I’ve managed to be the bigger person for most of this (oh God, no pun intended) and keep the drama to a minimum.

We have practice everyday after school and every three hour chunk of my life is a huge waste. We get nothing done and no one but me cares anyways. Cool right? I just rented THE Belle dress (the poofy yellow one).

Ummmm…. I don’t know else happened that I forgot to talk about, but there it is!

OH OK I REMEMBER SOME. We went to our first couple show choir competitions. We got grand champs at the first one, third at the next two. Now I’ll have you all know that those are very worked-for thirds. The two comps that gave us third are comps that we would’ve been laughed out of in years past. And we contended this year. (As you can see, I’m a very proud dance captain about all that.)

On that note, the show choir performed for the entire school, and for the first time ever, we’re cool. It’s weird. But awesome. inally appreciated for our talents and passions instead of being mocked.

Jake got me a pillow pet for Valentine’s day. The rarest unicorn. Be jealous. We spent the evening at my best friend’s house cooking because I love her and he loves food. I mean me. Whatever lol. The rest of February flew by.
I took the SAT and the  ACT and did pretty well.
Today I received my first letter from my Navy man. It was super sweet and kinda have me a heart murmur. He’s tired and sore and alive. And will be on leave for my graduation.. I don’t totally know how to react to it. The last time I talked to Jake about it, he was more than understanding about my girly emotions and even…permissive. But that is no longer relevant.

I read the hunger games. I am still in shock. Amazing books.

I volunteered at the local pet shop! Super fun, the most productive I’ve been in a while.

I finally got my hair cut and am now using a keratin treatment that is turning it AWESOME.

One of my ex-friends is going to prom with my ex-boyfriend. Don’t even ask me how I feel about this. She has no conception of girl code. >.>

Me and my friends planned and booked our senior trip- one week, one condo, $200 of food, 10 bottles of Australian gold, 10 towels, 35 bikinis, and 8 girls. So. Pumped.

I finally get to sing jazz-y things with the jazz band!!! So excited. Jump for Joy by Duke Ellington (Like Peggy Lee)

I am also tentatively picking a piece for the choir senior recital. Maybe Cabaret, or Ready to Fly (Richard Marx), or Finally by Fergie. Who knows!

I got my prom dress fitted! Finally. I still can’t find jewelry…
I saw 21 jump street. Hilarious. #ChanningTatum
I also saw Titanic. Oh my God.

My best friend made out with her brother’s 22 year old best friend #awkward #shelikedit #iknowthisisnttwitter #ohwell

I got sick on taco salad. (Allergies, maybe?)

And I got really lost for a while! Too much with not enough sleep. It took it’s toll on my heart and mind.

I miss my dog like crazy. When she passed back in August, everyone told me I’d learn to live with the pain… But it still hurts like that day. And sometimes I worry that I’m not recovering properly and it makes me want to run crying back to my therapist. But I also desperately need to be stronger than that. For me and my parents. I want them to know I’ll be okay in the real world. And I need to actually be okay.

I think that’s enough for one night.

Pinky promise I’ll post more.

Bueno sera,