IT HAS BEEN TOO LONG. I gotta get better at this. 

Anyways, HI. I missed blogging. It’s like meditation, only better because you can trick yourself into thinking people read what you say! 

SOOoooooooOoooOOoo. A lot has happened. My goodness.

I have successfully dealt with several stupid people in a mature and calculated manner. I sent my college application in. I not only achieved a 90 degree left arabesque, but also did a fish dive with a partner only an inch taller than me and didn’t fall on my face! I selected a song for my audition for Beauty and the Beast, watched my brand-spankin-new-remastered copy of the cartoon movie, and spent time with me sister! I’ve gotten closer to my close friends and reached a comfortable and cute but not lazy level with the current object of my affection. I have stuck to my spiritual goals pretty well (kind of), I got my permit (finally)(kind of embarrassing)(I don’t tell anyone)(But the internet), started driving, drove a figure 8 BACKWARDS. SUCCESSFULLY. I whipped my show choir into shape, handled some BS B.S. Hung out with some new-er friends and got tight, tried new food, got big, got little, Quit fastfood, discovered my path, fell in love, bought my prom dress, watched Battle: Los Angles (really good movie, clever writing/filming), danced to Sinatra, learned new bass notes on the piano, Skyped with my best friend ever, received amazing wisdom and passion, found out my phone’s name (Hatty Hong- Asian Drug Dealer), been more active, threw up on and cleaned my new UGGs, practiced cold-reading monologues, got a new black leotard, had a digestive issue (Thanks, Wendy’s), cleaned out my closet, learned an 18 count audition dance, nailed a double, stayed at my boyfriend’s overnight, woke up from a text from his mom reminding me to get him up for hockey in the morning, found the red solo cup song <3, cut my own bangs, grew out my nails, and gained some timeless advice from Jimmy John’s.

In a nutshell, it’s been a pretty fucking eventful couple weeks. 

I love a lot of things. I’m learning a lot of things! Not in school, necessarily, but I Am learning, and that’s what counts. I wish I could spend all day errday in the studio. Or on a stage. Or infront of a piano practicing. But I can’t and until I can, I will fight my way through my tragic suburban, middle-class existence, on to a better tomorrow!

Wish me better luck blogging.