Since I have been talking about all those changes, let me fill in the blanks on one part of my story. This guy I’m dating is huge step outside the lines for me.

I consider myself a very artsy, geek of a girl. And he is every bit the popular football/baseball/hockey guy. Friends with everyone, yet humble and intelligent. Total teddy bear. Momma’s boy. Not much of a talker when it comes to emotions and not so much into PDA. Sweet and compassionate, yet subtle. A man’s man.

Which seems perfectly normal, if I hadn’t been used to dating the artsy guy. Girly, with a knack for conversation (manipulation) and music. Throw a dash of handsome and charming on top of it all. Super sensitive, female emotionals. Fussy, clingy, suffocating. Plenty of sexual pressure. All sorts.

So if you compare the two……….. wowza.

This is all new for me, and it’s been wonderful so far. (I find all this pertinent to the whole “turning over a new leaf” thing) His family is great, I love them and they love me. Me and his mom get along Beautifully. His brother is my buuudddyyyyyyy and so are their animals (three dogs and two cats). And he has gained the Unanimous approval and support of all my friends and family, which isn’t a huge deal, but is super nice to know.

And he treats me soo so well, better than I have been for a while, if Ever. Sure he doesn’t text me 24/7 or call me every single night before he falls asleep, but he shows me his feelings in a million other ways, from taking me out, to thanking me for the little things, and for Giving me the little things.

He has helped out a good bit, what with my opinion of myself and how I handle some things. He’s changing how I see some things, especially football and hockey games (ahahh).

Iiiii dunno. I thought I’d fill my dedicated followers in on what makes me tick, what makes me happy. Because he’s a huge piece of it.