Today, inspiration was borne to me via twitter. It goes something as follows:

Even though I’m being a hipocrite, people that won’t follow me back piss me off.

HwhAt? Is this truly a peer of mine?
And then I thought…is this society?
Hmmmm…on the inevitable stream of consciousness I found myself facing the things I, as a self-proclaimed no judging zone, am a total hypocrite about. I don’t like the way so-and-so dresses, but sure enough, you’ll find me wearing my own interpretation of it next week.
Is it just me, or do I and the rest of the world’s population of women function on this notion?
And not just about clothing either, ladies.
Has anyone observed or questioned the peculiar circle that forms when large groups of couples do the grinding thing? It is not the men that are looking at each other. For them, grinding is serious business to be focused on.
No, you can see the girls, looking around, waving to each other, checking out whom every other girl happens to be dancing with. And how many of those girls will gossip about how slutty- or reserved- that one girl was dancing, only because they, as self-proclaimed “non-sluts” were checking out the social “norm” in their little circle?

Food for thought, from the inside.